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Thank you for visiting! If Setareh is a mouthful, I also go by the name of Seti. I've been working in the 2D Animation industry since 2011, with experience working for commercials, music videos and short film.

Recently, I was involved with the short film production 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse', as the Clean Animation Supervisor. Working remotely, I was responsible for providing guidance and support to a team of over 30 assistants in trying to achieve the final complex Ink line that was reminiscent of Charlie Mackesy's illustrative style from the original hardback book.

I'm available on a freelance or contract basis for 2D Animator, 2D Assistant Animator or 2D Clean Up Supervisory roles. I also offer digital art commissions, and I'm available for contact over on LinkedIn & Instagram.

Software knowledge:
TVPaint Animation
Adobe Animate (Flash)



ToonBoom Harmony (Cel Animation only)


You can get in touch with me via the social links below!

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
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